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15U Travel Update


As part of our ongoing mission to offer players in the Wayzata School District a competitive and well- rounded baseball experience, we are sending this communication out to 15U players.

Summer registration will be opening right around January 1.  We have found in the past that there can be some confusion on how summer baseball works for 15u players.  This is because these players are entering the high school baseball program in the Spring and the 15u season operates differently than previous youth seasons.

Many parts of PWYBA 15u baseball are similar to prior years of youth baseball: 

  • Tryouts and team formation occur in early March (the High School asks us to have our tryouts completed prior to High School tryouts beginning)
  • We have the same Team structure (1 AAA team, 1-2 AA teams, 1-2 A teams)
  • Teams will play a league schedule (either MBL or MYAS)
  • Teams will play in 4 weekend state qualifier tournaments (generally local)
    • Potential for adjustments in the 4 tournaments to allow teams to compete in local club tournaments - at the discretion of the Head Coach
  • PWYBA Travel Committee will select the most qualified parent coaches, with the potential of having a non-parent Head Coach.

Some differences that you will notice about 15u baseball:

  • The season will start in late May after the high school season is over
  • Almost all 15u tournaments will be played in June
  • Both MBL and MYAS require traditional baseball playing and substitution rules.  This means 9-man baseball just like High School rules.  (15A is the exception as continuous hitting and substitution are still allowed)
  • Teams play a 12 game league schedule (not 16)

15U baseball provides a competitive landscape that starts the beginning stages of our Legion program.  We find it to be very complementary to the High School experience in that High School Freshman baseball runs from mid-March to late May and during this period they play an approximately 16 game schedule.  15u PWYBA summer baseball runs from late May to late July and can play between 30 – 40 games between tournaments and league play.  We find this model is excellent for providing ample practice and development opportunities in the Spring with a limited game schedule and then the opportunity for in-game baseball development and enjoyment throughout the summer.

We hope this provides a better understanding of PWYBA 15u baseball.  We view it has a great opportunity for players to continue their baseball development against quality competition.  Games are local and don’t require onerous travel and the program is offered at an affordable cost.  Our high school program has developed over the years to one of the most competitive in the state with Wayzata earning numerous State Tournament appearances along with a State Championship as recently as 2016.  The foundation of this program has come from PWYBA and we are excited to continue the tradition.  Please look for registration to open around the beginning of the year and check our website for Tryout Date and Winter Development programs.