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Video Lessons

The PWYBA would like to thank Tim Dagoberg for his time and effort to produce the following videos.  The PWYBA has teamed up with the WHS Varsity Baseball Coaches to produce some new instructional baseball videos.  A big thank you to Bobby DeWitt, Mark Elias, and Steve Henry for their time to film the following videos.



Base Running

Bunt Defense

Cuts and Relays

Instructional Videos from 2014

Below are a series of videos filmed at Greenwood in 2014.  These videos are also a good reference for coaches.

Hitting Basics

Brian Trygstad covers the hitting basics in the video below.

Hitting Tips and Tricks

Brian Trygstad and Zack Trygstad cover tips and tricks for hitting.

PWYBA Tips and Tricks for Pitching

Chip Engdahl shares tips and tricks for proper pitching technique. Video uses a table-of-contents that will allows the viewer to quickly get to desired content.

PWYBA Basic Pitching Mechanics

Chip Engdahl goes through the basic pitching mechanics in the video below.