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Katie Busch

1st Grade League Commissioner

Phone: (612) 554-3389

2021 Season Overview

The 1st Grade League is for children in 1st Grade during the 2020/2021 academic school year.


Our focus is to introduce baseball to kids in a fun way, this is a development league and the focus is on getting kids experience and interest in playing next season. There will be no evaluation by ability at this age level. Please do not be discouraged if your child has never played before. All kids will be able to fully participate in every practice and game.

Teams will be created by school when possible. There is no guarantee that players will all be from the same school but efforts will be made to divide them in this fashion.

If you want to request a specific night for practice, please include this information with your registration. (Please indicate within the comment section) NOTE: this will likely mean that your child WILL NOT play with his/her school.



WE NEED COACHES!! Please volunteer to be a head coach or an assistant coach via your registration form, onsite registration or go to Contact league commissioner with questions.



Each team will practice one Weeknight (M-Th) with one game per week.  Games will be played on Sunday - late afternoon or early evening. There will be no games scheduled during the Memorial Day and 4th of July weekends. 

While each coach has discretion, practices will be scheduled for 1 hour.  Games will have a 1 hour time limit.


2020 Calendar:

  • Registration opens in mid-December and closes in early March
  • Teams will be formed late March/early April.  Coaches will contact players and provide day/time of practice.
  • Practices start in late April, weather permitting
  • Games tentatively scheduled to start the first weekend in May.  The season will end in July. Exact week will be determined on the number of teams


League Guidelines:

  • Coaches will pitch to batters from a knee with a batting tee as an alternative
  • The batter will receive approximately ten pitches from the coach.  If contact is not made in those ten pitches, a batting tee will be used
  • All Players will bat each inning, regardless of how many outs are made
  • After three outs by the defense, the bases will be cleared and the batting team will continue
  • Players will rotate from position to position during the course of the game
  • Games will be three innings or as many innings that can be played in allotted time
  • Big barrel bats (2-5/8" or 2-3/4") are NOT allowed in this league.



Players are required to have their own baseball glove, baseball pants and shoes (cleats).  They will be provided a team jersey and hat.  We suggest Grey baseball pants.  Many players like to have their own bat and helmet (2-1/4" barrel bats only), however team coaches are issued bats and helmets that kids can share so they are not required.