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2020 Summer Individual Workouts

While the season is currently delayed, we want to make sure you take the time to keep your body in shape so you're ready once the baseball season starts. Here are some ideas to continue to develop your game throughout the summer months, using very little space.

For now, please remember to do these activities with proper social distancing in mind  

Arm Care / Throwing Routine:

3/4 minute jog to warm up

4/5 Stretching routine to include your shoulders, arms, forearms, trunk and legs. If you're looking for a video on how to warm up your shoulders, this is one option:

10  minutes - Throwing progression - wrist snap, upper body rotation, rocker throws, and move into long toss if you have the space. As you stretch out into longer distances, we want to throw the ball with an arc to a partner. Then, as you move back closer together you can throw the ball on a line (no arc). "Arc it out, line it back."   

Here is a good video demonstrating some of the concepts:

We hope to be playing baseball in the next four weeks, but in the meantime, use the space that you have and try to throw 3-5 days per week. Not every day has to be done to full exhaustion. Rotate days when you try to throw hard with days focused on form and low velocity. As you progress, you can add more throws. Week 1 may be focused on 40 throws, then week 2 is 50 throws, week 3 is sixty throws. If you experience pain at any time, then rest for a day or two before continuing to throw. The idea is to keep your arm in shape and build some endurance. Don't sacrifice your season by overdoing it in April.

Post-throwing exercises can be very beneficial to ensure a strong shoulder and you can use bands, small dumbbells or plyocare balls. Here is a video with good shoulder strengthening exercises:

After any workout, finish with some cardio work to build endurance and leg strength. 


Wall ball drills with tennis balls (these can be done in driveway, or basement) are a great way to work on hand/eye coordination and footwork.  In these videos, you'll notice the player's proper ready position each time and proper footwork when getting ready to make a throw:   



Here is a good video for infield drills that will help develop soft hands and proper footwork:


Here is a good video demonstrating hitting drills to do by yourself.  Some require a tee and some do not:

We use a significant amount of tee work in our winter clinics. Here is a good video of Freddie Freeman demonstrating proper technique for hitting off a tee in case you need a reminder:

If you don’t have a tee, you can always do “dry” swings (no ball, no tee), but try to get in at least 50 swings per day. 

We hope these drills give you some ideas for ways to stay in shape to be ready for the start of the baseball season. We look forward to seeing you soon.