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We are a Volunteer Organization and need volunteers like you: Message from Joe Fusaro, PWYBA President

To PWYBA Parents,
We hope that you will consider joining the PWYBA team!    We are one of the largest non-profit youth organizations in the state.   We annually serve over 1200 kids in our program from Kindergarten through high school with various programs.   Our program is entirely volunteer run and we work hard to improve each and every year.  We have a dedicated group of volunteer leaders who are committed to excellence but we want to strengthen the organization by involving more people from the community.      We know there are lots of bright, talented, energetic people living in the area and we hope to tap into more of you to help improve the organization and ultimately the baseball experience for kids!
We are looking for some great people in the community to lend your time and expertise to some key roles for the upcoming season.     The work is fun and rewarding!
A list of open roles and descriptions are listed below.   If you have an interest in any particular role, please contact us via email at   Please share your contact information and position of interest and someone from the Board of Directors will be in touch soon.


Role:     Field Schedule Coordinator
Responsibilities:   The main responsibility of this role is to schedule team practices and games.   This is a dual-person role and we already have one person in place with expertise on the process to make a smooth entry into the role.  The heaviest workload occurs during April as most practices and games are scheduled during that time frame.  The in-season workload from May- July can also be busy due to rescheduling due to inclement weather.   The workload in other months is minimal to none.   Most of this role is done on your own time on a computer and phone.  It is helpful in season to have some daytime availability to help with inclement weather changes on short notice.
Skills Required:  Strong Organization, Attention to Detail, Computer Access

Role:     Assistant Treasurer
Responsibilities:   This position will ensure timely payment of invoices and recording of deposits and be responsible for assembling relevant supporting documentation. Basic cash basis accounting is performed in Quickbooks software. Position also responsible for timely monthly compilations and bank account reconciliations. All activity reviewed by the Treasurer. Various cash and check collection and deposit activities may be divided between the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. Though monthly activity varies, usually expect about 5 hours per month.
Skills Required:  Strong Organization, Attention to Detail, Ability to use Quickbooks/Excel, Timely & Proactive, Self Motivated, Good Communication Skills

Role:     Coach Compliance Coordinator
Responsibilities:   All coaches hired each year within PWYBA must have the proper training, certifications and background checks to be a coach of youth baseball.  We must ensure 100% compliance on this important task.  This role will help formally track all coaches to ensure each coach has completed all necessary steps prior to being allowed to coach.  The main workload happens one time per year in March and April.   The role is more of an annual project type role but we want to get someone in position and trained early.   The person must be highly organized and willing to communicate with coaches, travel directors and house directors to ensure compliance.
Skills Required:  Strong Organization, Attention to Detail, Good Communication Skills

Volunteer Policy

The PWYBA volunteer policy is for each family to work 2 hours, or, pay the Buyout Fee. This requirement is for both single player families and multi-player families and must be satisfied by the end of the current season and before registration in future PWYBA activities.

All travel/tournament team families are required to volunteer at each of the Wayzata tournaments hosted by their travel players’ teams.  This volunteer requirement is in addition to completing the 2 hour volunteer requirement (or paying the Buyout Fee).

The Buyout Fee is $50 if paid at the time of registration -- $75 if paid during the remainder of the season. Please mail a check payable to PWYBA to: PWYBA, PO Box 47244, Plymouth, MN 55447

Volunteer opportunities are posted on the website and updated throughout the season. Credit for hours worked will automatically be issued soon after the volunteer work is completed.   

You cannot cancel a volunteer opportunity you signed up for within 24 hours of the opportunity. You will need to find someone to replace you and then e-mail the Volunteer Coordinator to confirm. 

The following positions will fulfill required volunteer hours:

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coaches (Up to three for House 3rd-12th and Travel teams; up to 4 for House K-2nd teams)
  • Team Managers for Travel Teams
  • Tournament Directors
  • Event Coordinators
  • Event Volunteers
  • Team Sponsors

Examples of events and activities that will require Volunteer Coordinators and volunteers for the summer season include:

  • Opening Day Ceremony
  • Pre-season Evaluations
  • Picture Day
  • Sponsorship Drive
  • Concession Stands (Greenwood and Elm Creek)
  • Tournaments
  • Apparel Sales
  • All Star Day
  • Field Improvements (labor) 

Volunteers for concessions must be at least 14 years old.  This includes students who want to volunteer with their parents.  No child under the age of 14 will be allowed in the concessions stands at Greenwood, Elm Creek or Parker's Lake.  We thank you for your understanding and hope you will help the student stand managers enforce this policy.

Thank you for volunteering for PWYBA! Our program's continued success is dependent on the contribution of volunteers. The hours you volunteer help ensure an excellent experience for your child, and keep our fees as low as possible

Directions for Volunteering on the Website:

To find the volunteer hours on our website, please do the following:

1. Log on the website with the username and password you used for registration

2. Click on the Dibs tab at the far right of the home page

3. Click on 2019 Summer Season

4. You will then see what is available; click on what you would like to do and follow the instructions