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PWYBA Picture Day

By R Haugen, 03/24/19, 10:30PM CDT


Saturday, May 4

2019 Wayzata Picture Day

WHAT: Individual and team photos for Wayzata Baseball (both House and Travel Leagues)
WHEN: Saturday, May 4
WHERE: Chevrolet of Wayzata (formerly Village Chevrolet)


´╗┐Picture Time League Teams Coach
8:30 AM House Kindergarten Phillies Gibney
8:30 AM House 2nd Grade Phillies Belzer
8:30 AM House Kindergarten Brewers Randall
8:45 AM Travel 14AA Gold Schaumberg*
8:45 AM House Kindergarten White Sox Adams
8:45 AM Travel 10AA Blue Slaughter
9:00 AM Travel 12AA Gold Shoap
9:00 AM House 4th/5th Rangers Lind
9:00 AM Travel 13AAA Lash*
9:15 AM Travel 10AAA Willihnganz
9:15 AM House 1st Grade Angels Kemnitz
9:15 AM Travel 12A Blue Reilly
9:30 AM Travel 15A Weyrauch
9:30 AM House 6th/7th White Kirby
9:30 AM House 1st Grade Brewers Post
9:45 AM House 1st Grade Cardinals Nowak
9:45 AM Travel 15AAA Nelson
9:45 AM Travel 15AA Leaseburg
10:00 AM House Kindergarten Royals Skurat
10:00 AM House 1st Grade White Sox Smith
10:00 AM House 1st Grade Cubs Picks
10:15 AM House 1st Grade Mets Negash
10:15 AM House 6th/7th Gold Adam
10:15 AM House 1st Grade Rangers McLean
10:30 AM Travel 14AAA Brown
10:30 AM House 4th/5th Cardinals Lange
10:45 AM Travel 12AAA Vernon
10:45 AM House 1st Grade Twins Lensing
10:45 AM Travel 10A Blue Jonas
11:00 AM Travel 11A Blue Bennett
11:00 AM House 2nd Grade Twins Busch
11:00 AM House 8th/9th Grey Stoffel
11:15 AM House 2nd Grade Cardinals Lange
11:15 AM Travel 13A Gold Pietrzak
11:15 AM Travel 12A Gold Mills
11:30 AM Travel 14A Gold Khan
11:30 AM Travel 9AAA DeGraff
11:30 AM Travel 9AA Koskie
11:45 AM House 2nd Grade Angels Peterson
11:45 AM House 4th/5th Phillies Sipe
11:45 AM House 4th/5th Cubs Hasko
12:00 PM House Kindergarten Twins Severson
12:00 PM House Kindergarten Rangers Letourneau
12:00 PM House Kindergarten Cardinals Brindise
12:15 PM House 8th/9th Blue tbd
12:15 PM House Kindergarten Cubs Busch
12:15 PM House Kindergarten Angels Farley
12:30 PM Travel 14A Blue Swart
12:30 PM House 2nd Grade Royals Walker
12:30 PM Travel 11AAA Berkland
12:45 PM House Kindergarten Mets Paxton
12:45 PM Travel 12AA Blue Pelatowski
1:00 PM Travel 11A Gold Haux
1:00 PM Travel 11AA Gold Anderson
1:00 PM House 4th/5th Twins Peterson
1:15 PM House 1st Grade Royals Miller
1:15 PM House 8th/9th White Marshall
1:15 PM House 2nd Grade Rockies Campbell
1:30 PM Travel 13AA Blue Kamon
1:30 PM Travel 14AA Blue Ramnarine
1:30 PM House 11AA Blue Sturm
1:45 PM House 2nd Grade Rangers Hoeft
1:45 PM House 2nd Grade Cubs Wirth
1:45 PM House 2nd Grade Mets Williams
2:00 PM House 2nd Grade Brewers Weigelt
2:00 PM House 3rd Grade Twins Diaz/Alberts
2:00 PM House 3rd Grade Giants Heintz
2:15 PM House 3rd Grade Rangers Brown
2:15 PM House 3rd Grade Cardinals Lueder
2:15 PM Travel 13AA Gold Welk
2:30 PM House 3rd Grade Cubs Morrisette/Knutson
2:30 PM House 3rd Grade Phillies Combs/Tanaka/Dahlman
2:30 PM House 3rd Grade Royals Herzog
2:45 PM Travel 13A Blue Asplund*
2:45 PM House 4th/5th Angels Harty
2:45 PM Travel 10AA Gold Gagnon
2:45/3:00 House 6th/7th Royal Stefani
2:45/3:00 Travel 10A Gold Hurley

*Teams participating in tournaments can show up when they can.

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