Pre-Game Warmup

Due to field maintenance requirements, teams are NOT permitted to warm up on the infield.  Please use the outfield and sideline areas for pre-game warmup routines.


  1. Pool Play Game Length / Time Limits:
    • 9U-11U: 6 innings / 1 hour and 45 minutes
      • NO NEW INNING will start after 1 hour and 45 minutes. 
    • 14U & 15U: 7 innings / 2 hours
      • NO NEW INNING will start after 2 hours. 
    • If the score is tied at the end of regulation and the time limit has not expired, the game shall continue.
      • Games may end in a tie in pool play once the time limit is reached.
      • When the time limit is reached after an inning has started, the game will end immediately if the home team is ahead or scores the go-ahead run in the bottom half of the inning or when the inning is completed.
    • At the start of the game please verify/document the official start time with the umpire and opposing coach in order to avoid any confusion.
  2. Bracket Play: MBT new rules
  3. Each team will be asked to provide a new game ball for each game.
  4. The home team during both pool play and bracket play will be determined by a coin toss.


Rosters will be updated in Tourney Machine

  1. All teams must have a hard copy of their matching roster with them during the tournament.   
    • The roster needs to be the same one online with MBL or MYAS or the one sent directly to us via the above email address.
  2. Please have your roster and matching birth certificates with you on the bench in the event of any questions.
  3. Per MBT rules all coaches in the dugout must have their concussion certification.


Please ensure there is a firm understanding of the tiebreaker methods and scenarios as outlined.  Seeding and/or tie breakers for ALL pools will be determined by the following criteria:

  1. Won-Loss-Tie Record
  2. Head to head
  3. Least number of runs allowed in total pool play
  4. Run differential in total pool play (maximum plus or minus 10 run)
  5. Run scored in total pool play
  6. Coin toss

NOTE: These are slightly different than MBT seeding/tie-breaker rules so please be aware of these criteria.