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PWYBA Open Baseball Training

PWYBA Open Baseball Training Pass

The Open Baseball Training annual pass is available to PWYBA players who participated in House or Travel leagues during the previous season. It allows players to use the dome facilities, including the open spaces, hitting tunnels, and pitching machines, during scheduled PWYBA times from November through April.

Passes will be available for purchase in mid-October and may be used beginning November 1st. Cost is $125 per pass for the entire season.

Please check the calendar before visiting the dome to ensure it is available for use.  Available times may change throughout the season due to events or other expanded availability. You must be logged into SportsEngine under the account used to register for Open Baseball Training in order to view the calendar. For more information, please see Open Baseball Training Calendar Instructions.

The dome is a shared facility with other youth athletic associations; baseball activities are not allowed during times allocated to other associations.

Note: during Open Baseball Training, PWYBA may reserve a tunnel for clinics including advanced pitching/hitting. Please be respectful of these scheduled events.

Exclusive PWYBA Access

PWYBA Open Baseball Training times are for PWYBA players only (Players who played on a PWYBA House or Travel League team this past summer).

A $20/day fee is required for PWYBA Players that do not have an open dome pass.  The $20 fee will be collected by the dome attendant for each player before use of the dome facilities for the day.  The fee entitles the player access to the available spaces, including the large field (throwing, grounders, fly balls, etc..), machine batting cages (no tokens needed) and live batting cages to the extent they are available.

About CMS Dome

The Wayzata Central Middle School Dome (CMS) is a temporary dome that covers the school football field from November through March to provide indoor space for activities during those months.

The Central Middle School is located at: 305 Vicksburg Lane – Plymouth MN 55447

OPEN Baseball training COURTESIES

For everyone’s safety and enjoyment of our great facility please observe some general courtesies:

  • Please do not put your baseball bag in the walkway as your enter the big field.  Put it off to the side.
  • Everyone should throw in the same direction, throwing parallel to the football field yard markers.
  • Pitching practice should be done in the large field whenever possible to reserve the tunnels for hitting that cannot be done in the large field.
  • If you are hitting grounders in the infield area please include all kids interested in joining the action.
  • Use the  “L” screens in the “Live Batting Cages” to divide the cage in half so more kids can use it for soft toss or front toss.
  • Please share the “Live” cages by offering to pitch to multiple players.
  • Be aware of when the “Open Baseball Training ” session ends by cleaning up within our allotted time so the Dome attendant does not have to stay late and/ or we do not intrude on another sports’ reserved Dome time.
  • Pick up balls, bases, nets and any other equipment when you are through using them and return them behind the cages (by our wooden storage boxes).
  • Put any gloves, bats, hats, or any other equipment that someone has forgotten on the PWYBA check-in desk.